Crossing Borders and Reducing Carbon Footprints


March 13, 2024

Crossing Borders and Reducing Carbon Footprints

Climeaction’s Strategic Leap: Bridging Continents for Climate Innovation


Climeaction’s CEO, Paul Murphy, recently had a key meeting with An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, in Boston, spotlighting our efforts in climate innovation as we step into the U.S. market, with a focus on the Boston area. The meeting underscored the collaboration between government support and our innovative strategies to tackle climate-related challenges. It highlighted how SMEs and large businesses could navigate the climate action landscape, stressing the importance of unified strategies and effective practices.

Paul’s trip is also focused on connecting with the local Irish business community, backed by entities like Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland, demonstrating the critical role of cultural and professional networks in our expansion. These interactions, along with our initiatives on energy efficiency and promoting a proactive climate action culture, underscore our commitment to integrating these essential strategies into our business model.

Reflecting on his visit, Paul noted the initial overwhelming feeling upon arrival in Boston, which transformed into a sense of familiarity and possibility by the end of his stay. Paul tells us “I arrived Sunday daunted by the scale of the city and what was in front of us bringing our business across the Atlantic, I left this evening thinking this is just like crossing into the next Parish”. This shift shows us the strength of community and shared objectives in our global climate efforts.

Looking ahead to our plans in Washington D.C. and participation in the B-Corp Champions Retreat in Canada, we’re energized by the support and insights gained from our Boston visit. These meetings can only strengthen our mission to lead in climate innovation and collaboration, setting the stage for a more resilient future.

As Climeaction continues to extend its reach, bridging continents and cultures, we’re focused on leveraging our collective strengths to address climate change effectively and reduce our environmental impact.

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