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Science Manufacturing


Climeaction utilizes its unrivalled proficiency in emission reduction technology to revolutionize manufacturing processes, curbing waste and cutting costs.

Pharmacy Products on Shelves

Life Sciences

With its unique expertise, Climeaction pioneers low carbon solutions in the Life Sciences sector, driving emission reduction while enhancing operational efficiency.

Dairy Products

Food & Beverages

Climeaction reshapes the Food & Beverages industry by implementing better business practices that significantly cut emissions and reduce costs.

Walk in Wardrobe


With its distinctive know-how, Climeaction streamlines Retail operations, cutting carbon footprint and boosting profitability.

Hotel Reception


Climeaction redefines sustainability in the Hospitality sector with its proprietary methods, reducing emissions and driving cost savings.


People Say

We were working for years on energy onsite - we hit a wall, Climeaction unlocked a new range of opportunities to reduce carbon emissions, by taking the time to understand our business from raw materials to the consumer - their deep technical knowledge and customer service is why we work with them.

Large Industrial Manufacturer Life Sciences Sector

Our process is highly specialized - we chose Climeaction due to their process energy expertise, they have developed an Energy Efficient Design which will reduce our energy costs and emissions despite a 5 fold increase in production - rethinking how we do things.

Process Intensive Manufacturer South West Ireland

We were interested in understanding our carbon footprint so undertook a green for micro engagement with the Local Enterprise office - Climeaction were assigned to us based on their experience. We now have a plan to take Climate Action that will take us right up to 2030.

Food Manufacturer North East

We were hit by a 3 fold increase in our site energy costs to over €30Million euro on a single site - we have ambitious 2025 targets for a carbon neutral site - We first worked with Climeaction to implement ISO50001. When the heard of our challenge they developed a solution which resulted in an energy crisis intervention event - This event and the support which followed helped us to identify over €4 Million energy savings and we have committed to undertaking 12 projects which will deliver €1Million annual savings over a 12 week period - Climeaction will support us across all these projects and ensure we can achieve our results.

Industrial Manufacturing Global Technology Company