Climeaction’s team is growing by the day. We have an exceptionally strong, experienced team with a diverse set of experiences working together to provide practical solutions to Climate Action for our clients.

At Climeaction we are different to others in this space. We aim to solve the problem of the fragmented marketplace among solutions providers by bringing together some of the most experienced and brightest minds from independent consultants to specialist consulting firms to provide our clients with the highest quality team for each assignment. We operate on the basis of collaboration over competition.

The Climate Emergency needs all of us to work together to solve the challenges. We offer our consultants an opportunity to work on interesting projects, ultra flexible working arrangements and exceptional compensation for their expertise. Across Ireland, USA & Canada we have over 30 consultants working with us. See below detail on our leadership team and consultants.

If you have a passion for Climate Action and feel you have experience to bring to our team don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our Team

Paul MurphyCEO
Jerry MurphyDesign Lead
Annie DuffyImpact Lead
Paul KealyOperations Lead

Paul, our CEO has global experience in decarbonization of some of the largest industrial manufacturing companies and SME companies.

In all his engineering career, he has done nothing else. With a background in Energy & Process Engineering he applies his experience to develop practical solutions to our clients.

Paul’s abilities to drive transformative change in the companies he works with come from a deep passion for what we do.

In his spare time, you’ll find Paul out on the sea or 30m under it.

Jerry, our Design Lead has over 10 years’ experience in projects, design and energy engineering. Jerry has worked across Ireland, the UK and Europe on implementing capital projects in the water and wastewater sector.

With a background in Energy and the utilities sector, he brings a depth of knowledge to our clients, helping them identify and select projects that deliver real results.

Jerry’s attention to detail and design experience ensures that our ideas can be transformed into reality.

When Jerry is off the clock, you’ll likely find him working on his next DIY project in his family home.

Annie, our Impact Lead, has a background in Electronics, Energy and Sustainability and has worked with SME companies across all sectors.

Her innate people abilities help Annie to understand our clients’ goals and identify solutions, all while bringing them on the journey.

Annie’s environmental focus adds a depth to our team when considering a fully integrated approach to decarbonization.

In her spare time, you’ll find Annie playing tag rugby, sea-swimming or rocking it out to her favourite bands at concerts.

Paul, our Operations Lead has a background in Energy Engineering and has a demonstrated career in large industrial manufacturing decarbonization.

Having led the energy projects in one of Ireland’s largest industrial sites, he understands what it takes to make transformative change.

Paul’s technical background and experience working in the industrial sector, provides us with a behind the gate perspective on the best ways to support our clients programs.

When Paul isn’t decarbonizing industry, he’s likely at working on his self-build family home.

Tim CramerConsultancy Lead
Shera O'ConnellEnergy Consultant
Mara Profile Image
María De Los Santos Climate Action Consultant
Carmen Fernandes MachadoClimate Action Consultant

Tim, our Consultancy Lead, has a background in Energy Engineering in the Commercial, Industrial and Public Sector with over 10 years experience.

Having implemented one of the first Energy Management Programs in a police force in the world he has an exceptional ability to develop a systems approach to decarbonization, even in the most complex of organizations.

Tim’s experience, technical background, and experience in delivery of training provides us with a depth of experience to ensure the work we do has a lasting impact.

When Tim’s isn’t thinking about energy, you may find him on his local beach with his family.

Shera, one of our Industrial Energy Consultant, has a background in Energy Engineering in the large industrial sector, having implemented energy management systems and undertaken energy audits in all corners of the globe.


Having lead the implementation of complex, data based, energy monitoring, energy optimization and reporting systems in large industry, he has developed exceptional skills in honing in on the opportunities that will deliver real results.

Shera’s industrial energy management experience provides our clients with practical solutions to their day to day energy management needs.

When Shera isn’t reducing our client’s energy spends, you’ll probably find him farming or hiking on the sprawling mountains of South Kerry.

Maria, one of our Climate Action Consultants, has a background in Environmental Science and Sustainability in Enterprise, with experience in sustainable development.


Her global knowledge of the relationship between human and the environment provides her with a unique skillset to help develop our service in water, ecology, flora and fauna preservation.

Maria is multilingual, speaking Spanish, Italian and English.

When Maria isn’t working on decarbonization strategies, you’ll likely find her having a good meal in the sun.

Carmen, one of our Climate Energy Consultants, has a background in Mechanical Engineering, having worked in oil and gas refineries, monitoring large dynamic machinery and conducting vibration analysis.


With her experience and skills on industrial and manufacturing processes, she delivers practical solutions to clients on energy efficiency improvement, reduction of energy related costs and decarbonization measures.

Carmen’s experience in green mobility at the European Commission, provides us with a macro perspective on the current challenges of a smarter and decarbonized transport system.

When she’s not working on energy calculations, you’ll find her amongst friends, playing her ukulele.

Yi Liu ChenClimate Action Consultant
Annalisa HajdariClimate Action Consultant
Ariela SchnitmanESG Lead
Sandra O'SullivanClimate Action Consultant

Yi, one of our Climate Action Consultant, has a background in Electrical and Environmental Engineering, with a mature knowledge on the adverse effects of climate change.


With a background in Environmental Consultancy, Yi helps clients identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce their carbon emissions.

Yi’s experience and academic background adds a depth to our team when engaging with stakeholders, local communities, municipalities and NGOs.

In Yi’s spare time, you’ll find her exploring Ireland and the rest of the world.

Annalisa, one of our Climate Action Consultants, has a background in Energy and Mechanical Engineering, with a particular focus on renewable energy systems and research experience in innovative energy storage means in Europe and in the Middle East.

Having helped clients define carbon neutral strategies and eco-design methodologies, she understands how to leverage on the digitalization of processes to achieve concrete results at all levels of the decarbonization journey.

Her technical knowledge and experience working with large companies allow us to have further insights into the challenges and opportunities the implementation of circular economy into existing businesses brings.

When Annalisa is not dealing with Ohm’s Law, she’s likely to bring some ‘ohm‘ in her yoga classes.

Ariela, our ESG Lead, is a sustainability, climate change, social innovation expert and project manager, with experience in the United States, Argentina, Australia, Spain and Ireland.


Her international career in designing and managing public policies and multidisciplinary projects on sustainable development brings a depth of knowledge to our clients on social innovation, climate change, resilience, and environmental education.

Ariela’s highly diverse background brings exceptional experience to the team when considering policy making, stakeholders liaison and conducting workshops and trainings.

When she’s not thinking about sustainability, you may find Ariela sipping Argentinian mate while dancing Tango, Salsa, Bachata, or Bellydance.

Sandra is a PhD and Honors Degree qualified environmental scientist, with over 15 years’ experience working for public and private sectors in the areas of environment, sustainability, climate change, low-carbon, circular economy, energy efficiency and renewables.

Throughout her career, she has developed climate change strategies, net zero carbon roadmaps, greenhouse gas emissions inventories (Scope 1, 2 and 3), CDP report submissions, life cycle assessments, energy audits, marginal abatement cost curve analyses.

In addition, as an Expert Evaluator for the European Commission’s EIC Accelerator Program, Sandra evaluates proposals and perform technical due diligence on innovations related to the European Green Deal and Fit for 55 policy areas of clean energy, circular economy, sustainable building design, sustainable transport, and climate neutrality.

Conor MurphyClimate Action Consultant
Margaret BuckleyAdministration Manager
Claire ByrneClimate Action Consultant
Julia McCarthyClimate Action Consultant

Conor is an Energy Projects Engineer who joined Climeaction to work on capital and operational improvements projects for large industrial energy users. He has a background in mechanical engineering and experience in power plant operation and utilities design.

Conor enjoys taking a meticulous hands-on approach to challenge a process and discover the ways in which it can be improved.  Conor’s experience has earned him a broad understanding of a wide range of mechanical equipment and an appreciation of the inner workings of large industrial systems. His work experience also includes several years working as a mechanical design engineer, where he conducted surveys and produced designs for utilities companies in Ireland and the UK. This insight into the design process has aided him in identifying and implementing energy savings solutions for clients.

He likes to spend his free time adventuring outdoors or playing music. Or both.


Margaret joined Climeaction in July 2023 as Administration Manager, with over 30 years’ experience in this area.



Margaret returned to Ireland in 2018, having spent over 25 years in London, working as an EA in the insurance industry.  She has experience across a range of sectors including healthcare, local government and not-for-profit organisations.

When Margaret’s isn’t organising the Climeaction team, she can be found enjoying a nice meal with family or planning her next adventure. 


Claire, one of our climate action consultants, has a background in Environmental Science and EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) in a large manufacturing company, she focuses on energy management strategy.


Her natural abilities enable her to comprehend how people and the environment interact as well as understand client goals to help develop solutions that are both suitable and beneficial to the organization.

Claire enjoys picturesque treks and spending time with friends in her spare time.


Julia is a recent graduate who joined the team to assist with SME and large industry clients helping them measure, manage and report on their emissions and performance and drive positive change for the planet.


Julia has a Bachelor of Law where she gained a critical understanding of environmental rules and regulations for environmental
protection under Irish, EU and international law. Followed by postgraduate studies in sustainability and environmental science where she gained skills such as, scope 1, 2 & 3 GHG calculation and analysis. 

Her thesis focused on empirical research into the challenges small and medium restaurants face in being sustainable providing her with in
depth knowledge on the sustainability and decarbonization challenges faced by the hospitality industry. In the past Julia’s work with a nature conservation charity in Cork has provided her with grant writing skills which will assist clients in achieving funding towards their decarbonization strategies. She is passionate about climate action and improving the way people do business.