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How do you customize your services for niche customers?

​Our services are based on International Standards such as ISO50001, ISO14001 & GHG Protocol. The way we develop a clear understanding of the carbon footprint of a micro or large scale organization are the same. We apply the same level of expertise to all of our work. We will match our consultants with your business type to ensure they understand your needs. Our consultants have a vast experience across the world.

My company is struggling to take Climate Action. We have tried projects but they fail over and over again. What makes Climeaction different?

Climeaction is different because of our aim is to create capacity within your organization to continue to take Climate Action after our assignment has finished. We will design tools & programmes for your team to use and train them fully in how to utilize them. We have developed a framework which dovetails with operational excellence programmes to ensure continued success.

How do I know that Climeaction is the right consulting agency for me?

Leading Edge Group & Climeaction develops a natural bond with clients focusing on business transformation. We grow as your organization grows and improve performance by providing customised services that deliver measurable results. We work with you every step of the way to realise your organization’s true potential, because we care about your people, your culture and your customer.”

We care about passing the benefits of our experience to our clients. Striving for perfection underlies everything we do, and we will provide our customers with the platform to develop a Continuous Improvement culture and sustain it in their everyday work. We use a combination of data-based process change and positive cultural change to improve performance and help the organization grow.

My organization is small - are we too small to take Climate Action?

​We have worked with companies of all scales from Micro to Large Scale. No organization is too small to take climate action. We will work with you to identify the correct and suitably scaled services we can offer you. We provide the same level of expertise to our smallest clients as we do to our larger clients.