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Audits are assessments undertaken by experts on an entire business, a facility or a specific utility or process to understand the baseline and potential opportunities for improvement. Our audits can assess: Energy, Water, Waste, Sustainability, ESG, CSR, Operational Excellence, Carbon or all combined.

Some companies (Large) are mandated to undertake energy audits every 4 years under SI426(3) Legislation in Ireland, ESOS (UK), EED (Europe). We are registered energy auditors across Europe.



We work with organizations of all scales from Micro to Mega companies – understanding the opportunities for improvement across the full value chain enables us to support both you and your value chain in developing true decarbonization of business.



We use international standards such as ISO50002 (Energy Audits), GRI Standards (Impact), ISO46001, ISO14064



You will receive a summary report detailing:

  • Baseline Analysis
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Opportunity List
    • Cost Savings
    • Carbon Savings
    • Resource Savings
    • Payback
    • Ease of Implementation
    • Grant Supports available
  • Summary recommendations on next steps


.Government Supports

Your audit can be funded by the SEAI, Local Enterprise Office, Enterprise Ireland, IDA, Udarás na Gaeltachta through their Green funding.

Talk to us to learn more about what would be available based on your business scale and complexity of the audit required.

Audit Service