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EXEED Certified Program


EXEED Certified Program

What is it?

Excellence in Energy Efficiency Design (EXEED) enables organisations establish a systematic approach to design, construction, and commissioning processes for new investments and upgrades to existing assets. The EXEED Certified program aims to influence and deliver new best practices in energy efficient design management. EXEED designs, verifies, and manages optimum energy performance and management at the earliest stages of the lifecycle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, supporting the achievement of national climate change goals.

The EXEED grant scheme is designed for organisations who are planning an energy investment project. Grant funding of up to €3 million per project is available to support organisations with the additional costs of following the EXEED Certified approach in the design and implementation of an asset.

The Numbers

per project
up to € 1000000
> 0

Are You Eligible?

This scheme is open to all organisations planning an investment in an energy project. This includes:
• New design projects
• Major renovation and major energy upgrades of existing buildings and assets

EXEED is applicable to any sector, any organisation and any project. Projects can be of any scale or complexity, for example:

  • Greenfield design – a new asset separate from any prior work
  • Brownfield design – repurposing of an existing asset
  • Major energy upgrade to existing asset
  • Major renovation of existing assets

Assets eligible for EXEED Certification must:

  • Have a physical boundary that fully incorporates the system(s)
  • Have an energy balance which includes all energy sources, energy use and energy demand
  • Encompass all energy services (i.e. desired outcomes requiring energy consumption)

Two stages of grant support are available:

  •  Stage 1 is for pre-investment professional services, supporting up to 50% of the additional costs incurred in
    following the EXEED process.
  • Stage 2 is for up to 30% of the incremental capital costs relative to the baseline design and the additional
    professional services associated with implementation of the EXEED approach.

ESCo-delivery models are not currently accommodated within the standard scheme rules but we are actively examining options to allow them in future.

Funding Includes

  • Energy Performance Optimization
  • Reduction of Operational Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions
  • Quality Assurance

The EXEED Certified Grant Scheme Programme is open for applications up until 5pm on the 22nd December 2023. The EXEED programme can support projects submitted in 2023 with a completion date up to 1st October 2024. The evaluation process is typically expected to take up to 3 weeks at Stage 1 and 4-8 weeks at Stage 2 (may be longer for grants of €1,000,000 and above).

The EXEED grant scheme was approved for a three-year cycle following its re-launch in January 2021. This cycle finishes at the end of 2023, and following a review process the support model for 2024 and beyond will be determined.